Friday, September 30, 2011

Umm... I'm back... sort of?

Wow, guys. It's been since June that I last posted. I won't go into the nitty gritty details of why... let's just say: I (willingly) work way more hours than I used to and I've let some things slip. Example: my blog, my work out schedule, cleaning... yawn. :)

But here I am to say hello! What's new?

Earlier this month, I traveled to Destin to visit my dad and stepmom. My brother, his girlfriend and their son/my nephew (my munchkin and little love of my life) drove in from NOLA and I was thrilled because I hadn't seen them since last November. That's not acceptable, people.

While in Destin, we experienced bad weather, a.k.a. a hurricane, so after two days the beach was closed. I'm talking two red flags, sheriffs guarding the beach kind of closed. So I got to spend ample time with this guy. I love him. I leave you with two little videos of my favorite little guy. Keep in mind - we were on a four hour drive to NOLA during these.

Translation: "Bad Form" - what Gramps says if someone does something naughty

Translation: my nephew saying please = how do you say no?! He really wanted his garage here.