Monday, February 28, 2011

Smoothie Help!

Okay, smoothie lovers. I seek your advice.

Starting tomorrow, March 1, I begin two months of healthy eating (and hopefully it will continue after…) Why two months? My first 10K is March 27 and I just want to be in the best shape/condition possible. I’m working out six days a week and now I’m going to be eating better, too. And then I’m going to continue it in April because I head to Florida in May and my goal is to be beach ready. Like actually wear a bikini for the first time – EVER.... besides as a child. *crossing fingers*

I am starting to make smoothies every morning but I just can’t get them to taste quite right. They are kind of bitter. Here’s the two I’ve made so far this week.

This one featured a whole banana, few strawberries, apricots, vanilla protein powder, little milk and non-fat yogurt. I wasn’t too impressed.

This one was a whole banana, three strawberries, one pineapple piece, peanut butter, vanilla protein powder, little milk, non-fat yogurt and ice. This one tasted bitter, too.

So my question to you is… what kind of healthy smoothies do you like to make? What makes it sweet but still keeps it healthy? I heard I should switch to vanilla or Greek yogurt. Or add honey? Your input is much appreciated!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shoe Woo

Have I mentioned to you how much I love shoes? But I love a good deal on shoes even more! I've purchased a few pairs since November... some fun and some practical! Here's what's up in my shoe world:

I got these in NYC at Shoe Woo. I saw them and it was heavenly lights were shining down upon them. I had to try them... and they fit perfectly! Nevermind that I don't have many places to wear them... ;)

A few months ago, I posted how it's difficult for us big calved girls to find boots. Well, I finally found two pairs of boots that fit my calves. I go with the slouchy style and they fit really well! I got the top pair on eBay of all places and the bottom at DSW.

Got these puppies for 70 percent off at Dillards! Love them!

I thought these were super fun for summer! Only $10 at Famous Footwear!

Another fun pair for summer that I got at Famous Footwear on sale!

It was time for new running shoes so I got these babies last week at a local store, Fleet Feet. I haven't gotten in a good run with them yet but can't wait!

What are your favorite pair of shoes that you purchased recently?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Runner's View

The view on my run/walk tonight...

It kept me going!

Hi folks. It's been a while. I have nothing but excuses but you don't need to hear those. I hope you have all been doing well. How are things? Hope we can talk again soon... ;)