Friday, June 10, 2011

Things I Realized Today

Today was a day for realizations for me. I must have been feeling thoughtful...

  • I love my job. I really do. I started in May and I couldn't be happier. If I wrote down everything I wanted and needed in a job, it would be the position I have now. I feel so blessed!

  • I love my team. (It's crazy to say I have a team.) I took them to lunch and they are a great group of women whom I respect greatly.

  • I've given out more business cards in the past four weeks than I did during my tenure at my previous job. (I went from development back to PR so I'm interacting with a lot of people again.)

  • I realized my work is just down the street from the mall. Why it took me four weeks to realize this... I don't know. But this is bad news, people. Make me forget that I'm close enough to run to the mall on my lunch break! My pocketbook cannot handle that! ;)

  • I am thinking about chopping my hair off. I love long hair but it's so dang hot, that I'm really, really tempted. Should I, should I?
What about YOU?! Anything on your mind lately?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

crazyjoy: Fascinate

I am taking part in a photo a week challenge by Lesley and Anna. This week's challenge is fascinate so I looked through some photos I've taken (I sort of cheated) and the photos below make think these kiddos are "fascinated." There's less than 4 hours left in this week's challenge so hurry and link up if you want to participate!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Zoo Trip Recaps

This post is overdue, but you'll forgive me, right? I made two zoo trips in April - one with my little sister, Nae Nae, and the other with my niece, brother and sister-in-law. So here's another picture recap!

Cute family!

Rebecca and I

Nae Nae and I waiting to ride the train.

So much fun!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rebecca Visits Tulsa

My niece, Rebecca, and my sister-in-law came to Tulsa two weeks ago so I wanted to share a few pictures from the visit. Let me tell you - I was so excited because I got to babysit my favorite 2 year old (almost 3!). I get to see Rebecca every few months and sometimes it's just not enough, so I treasure the time I get to spend with her.

Hamming it up at a local restaurant, Elote.

Dancing together at Elote

Arts & crafts at a local arts festival

Making my angels look pretty

Miss her already!