Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas... Yeah, I'm late.

I'm attempting to play catch up and get back on track here with bloggidy. So here's one about Christmas!

After two months of go, go, go, which included:

  • Three trips (not counting the one to Dallas for Christmas)
  • A much-anticipated visit from my dad and stepmom
  • My marathon relay
  • Thanksgiving
  • Shingles (yeah, I'm admitting I had shingles!)
  • Drama (let's not relive that!)

...I really needed that time with family.

Here's a brief Christmas in review:

My dad, stepmom and I volunteered at The Salvation Army on Christmas Day... something I've always wanted to do and that we plan to do again. Couldn't think of a better way to spend Christmas!

I got to see the twins' first Christmas.

My niece knew who Santa was this year, and it was really cute to watch her open presents. Seeing a child so happy, so innocent - really reminds you of the magic of Christmas!

And it was super wonderful to see my dad, stepmom, brother, sister-in-law and stepsisters AND friends! Here's me and my brother.

All in all, great visit home. And happy to report that currently things are a little more settled at the homestead. How's it going for all of YOU?


  1. Oh these are great shots!!!!! What sweet twins:))
    And I like the pic of you and your brother.
    Shingles? eeooow:(((

    I'm off for a bit...2 weeks or so.....I'm looking forward to leaving the snow behind for awhile. So I guess things are looking up:))

  2. it can always take a while for things to return to normal...glad you're back to the bloggin' world!