Friday, October 22, 2010

Shoe Obsessed

I used to be a flip flop only girl, but alas my tastes have changed and I only own two pairs of flip flops now. I’m really into cute heels but unfortunately just don’t have the budget to buy them all!

Here’s my current wish list (I do a lot of online “window” shopping!):

So pretty. Love the sparkle and the detail of the flowers. But they’re out of my size. :(

I’m all about that ruffle! So feminine!

Go Jane
I’ve in the market for a small and tall boot and I think these look relaxed and comfortable.

I could never afford these nor would I let myself buy $300+ shoes, but I love the embellishment on this classic black peep-toe.

This screams “the holidays!” to me! I’d love to have something like these for Christmas and New Years. They are so fun and makes my heart go pitter-patter.

I love these edgy booties! And apparently I just have a thing for BCBG’s shoes. I only own one actual pair that I got on sale.

Now I want to hear from you. What are your recommendations for dressy, knee-high boots?

I’ve been cursed with large calves and small feet. For years now, I’ve been searching for that perfect, dressy boot. Last year I finally found a casual pair that fit! Feel free to share your wish list shoes, too!


  1. Go Jane Go!!!!
    My favorite:)
    (I have way too big of calves for boots...unless I manage to find the stretch leather...which then of course isn't the real leather;)
    (It's safer to window shop....:))

  2. DYK? you can take your awesome leather boots to the show guy and have him stretch them slowly to fit your calves! i've had to do it before, being bestowed with terrific calf muscles. how do you think i've been able to get away with my vogs?

  3. For boots, try! I love them! And um those sparkly bcbg are AWWWWWWWESOME!

  4. Love the first shoes!! And I really have a difficult time time finding boots that fit well too! :(

  5. Would it be selfish of me to want one of each?? ;-)

  6. So pretty. My favorite is the ankle boots from overstock. Unfortunately I'm watching my budget right now so I've cut back on my of my shopping. :-(

  7. Thanks for the ideas!

    @MissEmy - I ordered some that LOOK like that may fit. *crosses fingers*

    @Jen - not at all! I do, too!

    @Sunny/Star - I'm trying to cut back, too.!