Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm not allowed to run

Or use the elliptical. Or do anything that causes pain to my knee. A few weeks ago, I hurt my knee and then after running a 5K, occasional pain turned into constant pain. Constant pain prevented me from running 1 mile, which led to a doctor visit, which led to x-rays and now physical therapy a couple times a week.

I'm actually very lucky because it's not a horrible injury. I don't need surgery. It'll heal with time, rest and strength training. Also, from learning to run in a different way with the help of my physical therapist. How I run doesn't help my knee. Blame the many years of ballet!

I have to tell you guys... I really miss cardio. But I am looking at the silver lining. After this is over, I am going to be a better runner. I am never going to take it for granted again. I have to admit I feel envy inside when I see a runner. I also admit that I worry about losing my muscle and gaining back the weight I have lost. But I will power through because if you focus on the negatives, they are going to outweigh the positives... and bring you down.

You can count on me running again soon. After all, my new year's resolution is to run a 15K in October. I'm sticking to my PT workouts and going to the gym to do abs and arms... anything I can do to feel like I'm staying in shape. Until then, no running posts for a while. Maybe just swimming posts... I want to find a new gym with a pool!


  1. Oh:( No:(
    BUT....that is a wonderful way to view it!!! Find a pool....make your knee strong, and then get out there and run like the wind!
    ( I JUST posted a video on something you may like in relation to this small glitch in your running career.....:)
    Happy day to you friend:)

  2. Great way to look at a bad situation. Go you!

  3. Visiting from Mingle Monday!

    You have a great attitude. Swimming is a wonderful substitution to running and puts no pressure on your knees. Be thankful you didn't tear your ACL like I did years ago! Good luck with your speedy recovery:)

  4. Way to stay positive!! I just recently started running, and I've discovered i really enjoy it more than I thought I would. I used to hate it! Gym class and all that spoiled it for me.
    Stopping by from Mingle Monday, and i'm a new follower!

  5. I hope you recover quickly!

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday