Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Journey to Becoming Healthy

This is the picture that opened my eyes.

Me after gaining 20 pounds

I took one look at that picture and couldn't believe my eyes. I had recently been to the doctor and the scale said I had gained 20 pounds. But it wasn't until I saw this picture that I believed the number on the scale. That's when I decided to make a conscious effort, once the holidays were over, to change some things in my life.

This January, I started routinely running again and I also began a healthy diet. I had gained that weight from March-December 2011 because I took a lot of time off from exercising (healing from a knee injury) and to be honest, I kept eating like I was running. No hiding that.

Also in January, I started keeping track of my calorie intake and let me tell you, it was mind blowing. I couldn’t believe the amount of calories I was eating every single day. I stopped drinking soda because it was ridiculous how much I relied on that little red can and how awful it was for my body. I am still keeping track daily on a handy little app called Calorie Counter. It’s my accountability partner.

Along with running, I played volleyball, took up yoga (it’s pretty hi-larious to watch me) and eventually started spin and weight lifting. I enjoy walking and riding my bike and just being active. It’s done wonders. I feel really good and so far I’ve lost 14 pounds! I am beyond thrilled with my progress.

I’ll post more sometime soon about my diet details and weight loss progress. I wish I had kept up with my blog during this time but alas, I didn’t. Shame on me! 

P.S. I am waiting to hear if I made the cut for the Houston half marathon, which would be my first half. The longest race I’ve done to date is a half marathon relay at 10K distance. I definitely want to write about my progress if I am entered into the half. It’ll be quite the journey.

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