Sunday, August 29, 2010

From Little to Big

One of my sorority little sister's got married this past Saturday.

Sarah looked absolutely stunning. I was so thrilled to be a part of her special day. I've seen her truly transform from this quiet freshman I met at rush to a witty, mature, lovely woman.

Her beautiful wedding was also a reunion bringing together a group of our sorority sisters. I was so excited to see my other little sister, also named Sarah.

Being a big sister was something that was very important to me. The baby of the family with three brothers, I never had a sister. Joining a sorority gave me that and I took the role of "big sister" seriously. It was an easy task because I couldn't have asked for two better littles (and friends). Our "family" rapidly grew and turned into an actual family that we lovingly named "The Big Kahunas."

At each initation, we took quite a few photos (that's an understatement), and I wanted to share one old and one new with you. The top was was on the Sarah's initiation day, which was back in January 2006. This was when we started doing a "Charlie's Angel" pose. And the bottom one was, of course, us again at Sarah's wedding. (Notice the red heels.) My how we have changed. I hope we will get to do this pose again at the other Sarah's wedding and one day at mine, too. My wedding wouldn't be complete without it!

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