Sunday, August 29, 2010

Red Shoe Diaries

It all started when I bought the red heels. Luscious candy apple red heels. Just the perfect amount of sassy.

Turning 25 was just around the corner, and I wanted some fantastic shoes to wear on my big day. When I found THE pair, I knew they were the perfect accessory to complement my outfit. I wasn't entirely thrilled about turning 25 (which I now know is so silly) but those heels were just what I needed. It's as if they gave (and give) me an extra boost of confidence. Perfect example: this shy girl sang karaoke for the first time while wearing those heels.

They've become a staple item in my wardrobe. Anytime I want to jazz up an outfit, I grab them. Anytime I just want to feel unstoppable, those are my go-to shoes.

Exhibit A

Aren't they lovely?

I think deep down the heels symbolize a pivotal point in my life. Being 25, on my own, supporting myself, with the road of life in front of me. I can go any direction, learn from past mistakes and teach myself how to be better. I can become whomever I want to be and learn whatever I want and need to learn. The only obstacle is fear of the unknown, but I can't let it get in the way. My red heels and I are excited for the road ahead.

What is your go-to accessory when you want to wow the world?


  1. Rachel!! I love you blog! :) So cute! And would those happen to be the red heels you wore at the wedding?!


  2. Aww, thank you! Yes, those would be THE heels!

  3. Just came across your blog....and I love the heels!!!!
    When I want to take on the world...I wear my runners:) (Not quite as glamorous as your beauties...but it IS what makes me feel invincible:) (and helps me escape:))
    Happy day to you!

  4. Yay, thanks for sharing, Dawn! It doesn't matter what the item is as long as it makes us feel good and unstoppable!

    Rachel (sassyshoediary)

  5. Every woman should own a pair of red heels, it should be a right of passage! I love your new blog and I am so happy that things have been going well for you! :)

  6. of course, now i know that you understand my special relationship with my beloved fluevogs... especially those knee high boots!

  7. Haha, I love you Julie and George! Thanks for the comments!