Monday, November 8, 2010

Adventures in Cooking Part 1: Guacamole Disaster

The title says it all. Guacamole = disaster. And I don't think it was the recipe's fault. It was all me. In case you're wondering why I'm talking about guacamole - see Attempt at Healthy Eating.

I "halved" the recipe (which by my standards doesn't mean I actually used measuring cups. Mistake No. 1.)

I had to look up the correct way to chop an avocado. (Don't laugh! I wanted to do it right.) I mashed the avocado, chopped the onion and tomato and added garlic powder and lime juice to the mix. Just like the recipe, except..... the exact amounts of each ingredient it called for.

The end result, albeit it looked good, tasted awful. Too much lime. Too oniony. SUPER gross.

This lime juice was no bueno.

Don't trust this guacamole.

I hope take two goes better for this newbie.


  1. hahah...Oh i was picturing you do this....looking up how to smash an avocado...;))))
    At least you tried.....and there is always more avocado out there to try it out on:)))))

  2. Oh no! It looks delish- so deceiving! I'm sure your next try will turn out great! I'm giving you a little blog award that I think you have already received, but I thought you deserved it nonetheless! Just go over to my blog to see it! :)

  3. LOL oops!- It does look yummy! I love Guacamole! :D

  4. in spite of my lack of mad sjills in the kitch, i do own an avocado masher. this is perhaps in homage to my heritage.

    did you try just adding more avocado to the mixture?

  5. Thanks for the support!

    George, no, I only had one avocado... yes, continue to make fun. ;)