Friday, December 17, 2010

NYC State of Mind

Hello my fellow bloggers - I'm alive! I've been on a little hiatus, which involves getting sick and going on a wonderful vacation to D.C. and NYC!

I spent a day in D.C. with my dear friend, Andrea, and then we took a bus to NYC, where I stayed for a few days. I would like to take this moment to apologize to Andrea for being sick on the trip - I know that's out of my control - but I still felt bad. That's not fun for anyone. No one wants to start dry heaving on the bus or during cab rides because of extreme nausea. It was a horrible feeling. But I digress because I'm better now. She took great care of me!

Andrea and me.

I'm going to do a few posts about my trip but I wanted to tell you all quickly about a really special part about it... When I said that just I stayed in NYC for a few days, it's because I spent 48 hours alone there. Now that might not seem like much but for me, it was huge. I've flown alone multiple times but never stayed somewhere alone. Andrea had to head back early for work but I didn't want to leave NYC without spending a few days there and getting the most out of my trip.

So when I was sadly seeing Andrea off, I admit I was panicked. I was about to be alone in this huge city, filled with strangers, and I was freaked out. But I put on a brave face. I went shopping, I went to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, I ate alone at a sit-down restaurant (first time) - and guess what? It was all flippin' fantastic. I felt like a whole new person. I was content being with me. Of course, I prefer vacations with a friend or loved one, but now I KNOW 100 percent that I'm okay on my own.

I went into this experience, excited. When I was about to be alone, I considered myself nuts. And I came out of it, braver, stronger and reassured that I am an independent woman. And for that, I am thankful.

More pics to come!


  1. You should watch the old Steve Martin movie "The Lonely Guy." There is a scene where he goes out to dinner by himself. Eventually we get used to it I guess, but it's hard the first few times.

  2. Sorry about the sick part- but YAY for the alone time!!!
    I remember the very first time I went to a movie alone...THAT was something for me:) NOW i love going alone....and being other places by myself has its bonuses for sure:)
    Now...leave me in a city alone...I would have to grow a bit of bravery.... Good for you!!

  3. Sometimes the best experiences I've had have been stumbling around on my own! I'm glad you had a wonderful time in NYC! :)

  4. i agree with michaela - my time spent driving aimlessly around new england by myself was fabulous. maybe it was because i knew every single decision i made was exactly my own.

  5. I know what you mean! I always feel so guilty when I start coughing in public because I suddenly feel like a virus, out there to infect everyone. It's made me feel more empathy for people who are walking around sick because I know they are probably feeling bad too. :)