Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter Foes

It happened yesterday. Temperatures dropped below 30 degrees. The coat was pulled from the closet. Gloves donned. Breath was visible in the air.

I knew it was coming; although I had been dreading it… for a multitude of reasons. Winter brings unwelcome changes, such as…

Cracked skin
Poor hands - they’re pink, dry, cracked and in pain. Washing my hands (and I do this often) really does a number on them. I try to use Aveda’s Hand Relief lotion a few times a day.

Driving on ice
I grew up in Texas and we didn’t have much snow or ice. So every year I have a “slight” panic attack when it snows and try to plot the best way to work that involves the least amount of hills.

Dry skin
Cold temperatures also cause some drama with my face, specifically near my eyebrows. I’ve been using Ponds dry skin cream and that helps.

Running in the cold
I’m now training for a 10K and I can’t let the cold slow me down. Last night was my first cold run and let me tell you: brrr! But I think I’ll be “brrring” for the next couple of months.

Just being itchy
Something about winter makes me itch. My head itches, my legs itch. Maybe it has something to do with wearing bulky clothing and having dry skin. Either way – isn’t it annoying?

Can you tell that I don't like winter? I'll admit it has at least one perk: wearing skinny jeans and tall boots or leggings and a dress. Oh, and cute scarfs and coats. Okay, there are a few good things about winter.

What are your winter foes?

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  1. My biggest winter foe is not being able to get somewhere I want to go! Due to lack of transportation and road closures. :/ Definitely no fun.

    I agree with you on the dry skin- seems like I'm always putting something on my face and hands, and loads of chapstick!