Monday, March 14, 2011

First Race of Season!

I kicked off race season this past Saturday with a St. Patrick’s themed-5K. I’m down for that because that means I get to wear some fun green!

This race is sentimental to me because last year it was my first 5K. I was super proud of two of my friends for running it this year because it was their first 5K!

As for how I did, I felt pretty strong but then I cramped going down a hill. What’s up with that? Any advice is appreciated. But I beat my time from last year and hey, that makes me happy.

I’m dealing with a knee issue right now (this is new territory to me) so sadly I made myself take yesterday and now today off. Any tips on how to “heal” a knee? It feels like there’s a bruise on the inside. I don’t know if that’s even possible.

Less than 2 weeks until my first 10K! The clock is ticking!


  1. woot woot! way to go!
    cheering you on this running season:)
    sorry about the knee..i have no solutions:(
    when i hurt mine last year i took a bit of time off and it went well within a week. maybe rest it this week?
    way to wear green:)))

  2. Way to go!! And yay for beating your previous time!! 1oK better watch out.

  3. Nicely dun. Try some energizing knee highs.

  4. I'm stopping by from Mingle Monday! I hope you enjoyed your run. I love st pattys and sporting green attire. Happy rest of the week.

  5. Visiting from Mingle Monday! I read your About Me and it sounds like me (well except for the running part). I look forward to reading your blog.