Monday, March 21, 2011

More Shoe Woo!

I went shopping today to find some shoes to go with this little summer number I recently purchased. And, of course, as you can tell by my blog name - I love me some shoes:

I've always wanted to wear something like this so I decided to just GO FOR IT! I think heels would go best with it but I'm heading to Austin soon and needed some comfy (and cute) walking shoes.

I found two pairs at Dillards for $19.99 each. Can't beat that! I love a good sale!

I also can't post about shoes without showing off another new pair I recently bought:

I'm starting ballet classes up again soon and found these for cheap on eBay!

What's a great steal you've gotten recently?


  1. Cute cute and very cute!
    I (have to say it in all honesty).....don't like shopping! (gasp)
    I would rather get you to pick it up for me:) PLease?:))

  2. cutesy!!..i'm not so much into shoes but i love me some dope boots. like i have more boots than i know what to do with them,lol.. there are some i've only onne once and jst dumped :/

  3. what a good deal on those shoes!!!
    and that's cool that you're in ballet. for a time, i dabbled in dance and had a lot of fun with it.