Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Love Me Some Clothing Swaps

I hosted my first clothing swap last week and it went great! All but two of the girls who came were swap newbies so it was fun to introduce a swap to them. I think they all enjoyed it and left with some "new" finds. Nothing better than getting new clothes for free!

Here's my tips for hosting a swap:

  • Invite a variety of girls - all shapes and sizes - and give them some advance notice so they can gather up items

  • Encourage them to bring more than clothes; jewelry and purses are a huge hit. Shoes aren't usually as popular due to size differences

  • Have lots of space for people to sprawl out and try on clothes

  • Encourage each other to try new things! (One reason I love swaps is because I always leave with something I would have never tried on at a store! Or learn that a color I never thought would look good on me does!)

  • Choose a nonprofit (or two) to donate leftover clothes to and have fun sorting through the items with your guests! (That's what I love even more about swaps - you get to donate to worthy causes!)

  • And lastly... just have fun and get ready for some cute clothes! :)

  • And for kicks: found these cute socks at Target, which I gave out as party favors during my clothing swap!

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    1. that's such a great idea! I might have to get my girls together and give this a shot. Thanks for the tips!