Monday, September 20, 2010

Woeful Runner

I wish I could say I rocked my 5K this past weekend.

I didn’t.

Saturday was difficult, hot and sticky. Did I mention hot?

I feel too proud to blame it on being sick the Sunday-Wednesday before the race. But I do think that and the heat did factor in. My running partner was a champ though!

On a personal level, it was the worst 5K I’ve had in regards to time. Slower than my first one! And right after I finished, I felt so nauseated, which is unusual.

Do any of you ever feel like you have a mental hindrance when it comes to competing or exercising? I do. When I run the distance on my own, I CAN rock it (majority of the time.) But when I run a 5K race, I start thinking that it’s so long and I’m never going to finish. I set myself up for failure. I think it’s the pressure.

How do you overcome your mental blocks?

I’m smiling here but only because the run was over with.

Time to put this race in the history books and focus on Saturday’s!


  1. I have the exact opposite problem! When I'm running alone...I keep thinking about how far I still have to go and start getting tired. During a 5K race, I just focus on going around people and not running into someone else! haha! I'd say to get past that mental block, try thinking about the 5K as a game. Think about how many people you can pass or the best way to get through the crowd...then you're not thinking about the distance or how much time has passed.


  2. PS is that a running skirt?! Its really cute!

  3. Thanks! That's a great idea. I'll try it at my race this Saturday. I prefer to run with someone to keep me motivated... but I had a realization today.

    -Never been a good test taker
    -Did decent at golf practice but bombed at tournaments
    -Reach milestones and run better for fun than at races

    Notice a pattern?! I think it's pressure!

    Yeah! New Balanace makes that shirt: