Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tales from a New Runner

I have my fourth 5K tonight.

I started running earlier this year through a Couch to 5K program. Before that, I could barely run down the block without having to stop and gasp for breath.

Even with completing the program, I'll admit that I'm not a natural runner. It's difficult for me but I'm seeing progress. I finally ran 3.4 miles consistently in 30 minutes! This was a battle and I was so proud of my friend Julie and I for accomplishing that together. On our next run, we did it again but a little faster! Then a few days later, I ran by myself and was barely able to run 2 miles without stopping. Go figure, huh? I would describe it as a run-by-run battle.

My goal is to one day run a 10K. I'll get there.

But as for tonight....

My shoes are ready.

My outfit is, too. I'm also going to don this shirt at the Race for the Cure 5K next week (fifth 5K)!

And so am I. (I never look happy when running. Hmm...)

I was sick earlier this week so I'm crossing my fingers for tonight. I want to do my best. That's all that matters!


  1. Can`t wait to hear how this went!!!
    Yay for you! This is great....and I agree- it is a run-by-run battle. It seems every run is different!
    Great job!!!!

  2. Thank you! It wasn't my best - just posted a post about it! You're the champ with running. I need your advice!