Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Runner's High

I’ve been a work out-a-holic lately. Instead of just running, I’m also going to the gym to lift weights. I want to increase my strength and endurance. It’s also increased my hunger. I am hungry all.the.time.

I realized that I never posted how Race for the Cure went. You might remember when I wrote about the disappointing 5K I had a few weeks ago. I went into Race for the Cure with a whole different attitude… I mean, how can you not? That race is so inspiring and the turnout was incredible.

Not my race but our crowd looked like this - amazing!

I ran with a friend who was running her first 5K. She did great! And I was relaxed and enjoyed it. I think I probably ran a little more than a 5K if you count all the weaving I had to do around people. I used Sarah’s (A Girl in the Sunshine) advice, which was to view the 5K as a game and see how many people I could pass. That really worked! It gave me something else to focus on. Thanks for the advice, Sarah!

My next run is an all-women’s 5K in mid-October. Can’t wait!

If you can’t tell my current outlook on running is… content.

What’s making you feel content these days?


  1. That is a great picture!
    What a turnout...and it would have felt like quite the rush to run in a crowd like that!!

    HEY! YAY! Congrats on your title win.
    Sooooo....ummmmm...would you really want a 16by20 print of that horse;)
    Sorry there was no grand prize....But You ARE the Title-master:))

  2. That's great you did the Race for the Cure!! It's inspiring to see people who go out there and just do it. :) Nice crowd!

  3. Wow...congrats on the races! I am NOT a runner. At all. I have tried but for some reason my body just doesn't allow it. Walking, i'm all for. Running, no. But good for you! And as for what's making me content right now...fall! Finally!

  4. I got on a running streak early this summer and felt pretty darn good about it. One day in particular, I was feeling REALLY great on the treadmill and went almost 10 minutes longer than I normally would. (Which, for some people, is not much at all, but it was a big deal for me.) It got me all inspired, thinking maybe I'd do a 5k or something like that. But yeah... that didn't happen. So I definitely admire someone who can go out there and get themselves motivated and physically capable to do that! Congrats.

  5. Hey, you won my giveaway. You were supposed to contact me within 72-hours but I'll give an extension seeing you have not updated your blog and maybe you were out of town. I need you to email me by 12 p.m. Wednesday. Otherwise I'll pick another winner.


  6. good for you! i've walked rftc many times but a runner i am not. it was my sorority's philanthropy in college so it holds a special place in my heart! glad you had a good experience! xoxo

  7. Thanks for the support everyone! I never thought I was a runner either. It's been a challenge. Good and bad days!

    Holly, I e-mailed you. Looks like I just barely made it thanks to being on central time! Thank you!

    Dawn, it's up to you!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Cassie, Laura (I know what you mean about fall being content!) and Miss Emy!