Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's your quirk?

We all have quirks. Something about us that’s a little weird or off-putting. For some, it’s a messy office (or seeing others with messy offices). For another, it might be that they need to eat all the brown M&Ms first.

I’m not afraid to admit mine.

Hi, my name is Rachel and I’m a germaphobe. I’m not proud of it but it’s my reality. I’ll save how I got this way for another post.

Here’s a list of my top enemies:

1. Door handles.

Unfortunately these are everywhere. (I love doors you can push through!) I try my hardest to open a door with a paper towel, my shirt or the back of my hand. It’s the worst when none of those will work and I actually have to touch it with the palm of my hand. The horror!

2. Your hand.

Shaking hands is the worst. It’s a part of life though, especially in the professional world. I cringe (in my mind) when I have to shake someone’s hand. I don’t know what you touched! Afterward, all I can think about is how I need to sanitize and wash my hand PRONTO!

3. Public toilets.

These are just nasty in general. I never flush a toilet with my hand. That’s a big no-no. That’s what a shoe is for! Speaking of shoes…

4. Shoes.

I ask people to take their shoes off when they come over. Think about it. Shoes go outside in dirt and they go with you to the bathroom (they may flush the toilets for you)…. and that’s just gross.

5. Elevator Buttons.

Shudder. I press these with my knuckles because of the amount of people who touch the buttons every day. One good reason to take the stairs (and not touch the railing or door handles!)

There’s more (Hello! Office keyboards! Phones!) but those are some of my top nemeses.

Before you give me the number to a good therapist… I want to know what’s your quirky habit?


  1. well i'm not really a germphobe, although i do like for people to take their shoes off when they come to my house. i have horrible flourescent overhead lighting so the first thing i do when i get home and turn on a bunch of lamps instead. i can't settle or even sit down if the overhead kitchen light is on. and if the garbage is anywhere near full, i make the southern beau take it out. he doesn't live with me, but he's a good sport about it. sorry i never got back to you about the food at russian tea was mega expensive! we got a deal for restaurant week ($25 prix fix) but otherwise 1 dessert was like $18! too rich for my wallet! ha. xoxo

  2. Haha.....I would like to say I have something different than yours, but you have every single one of mine:)!!!!!
    I am so relieved to hear this...I thought I was going mad......

    Dirty floors also drive me crazy...even a fuzz or a dust bunny......


  3. Hi, I found your blog through someone I'm following, and I'm liking it. ;)

    I'm a bit of a germaphobe as well...phones are especially gross to me, and public bathrooms...especially when I see people not wash their hands and fix their make-up instead. So gross!

  4. Kate, he sounds like a keeper. Thanks for the info about the Tea Room. sounds like you got greal deal!

    Dawn, you are not going mad! I am also happy to hear there are others like me!

    Jessi, yeah, that is gross! Phones gross me out, too. Especially someone else's. I also have trouble using someone else's keyboard.

  5. hahaha i'm exactly the same, the door handles especially on public toilets freak me out. I end up trying to tug my shirt sleeve down so i can use it as a germ barrier.